Sirona to launch New Schick 33 Sensor the Next Generation



LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y. Sirona Dental Systems, Inc. the dental industry’s innovation and technology leader, is proud to announce the launch of Schick 33, a new intraoral digital sensor and image management system. Schick 33 is the most advanced sensor in dentistry, delivering an unparalleled combination of high-resolution images, dynamic image management, and it integrates with existing Schick systems.

High Resolution Imaging
Schick 33 provides dentists with unsurpassed image quality. This new intraoral digital sensor, which has a theoretical resolution limit of 33 line pairs, the highest available on the market, is paired with newly enhanced imaging software that enables dentists to review, store and share images from a variety of clinical perspectives. This combination of enhanced hardware and software provides the dentist with the best possible image quality.

Unsurpassed Image Management Flexibility
Schick 33’s powerful image enhancement software provides practitioners with an unprecedented level of control over enhancements and customizations to its digital images.

Compatible with Existing Schick Systems
Developed to help dentists integrate new digital technologies that can grow with their practice, Schick 33 utilizes the same replaceable cable and remote module design as the Schick Elite sensor. Schick 33’s ability to seamlessly integrate with existing Schick platforms makes it an ideal choice for any practice.

“Schick 33’s design accommodates the unique needs of every clinician, allowing them to easily optimize their images to their own individual preferences,” says Kevin McNulty, Executive Vice President, Sirona Dental Systems, LLC. “Equally important, by providing flexibility to choose the appropriate sensor size and configuration, Schick 33 can significantly enhance the patient experience as well.”

Schick 33 is exclusively sold and serviced in the United States and Canada by Patterson Dental Company. For an in-office demonstration or more information please contact your local Patterson representative, branch office, or call 1-800-873-7683 today.

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