September 2018

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Enhancing Zirconia Restoration Workflow: Implementation of Stand-Alone Scanners

Dr. Sam Simos presents a case report and introduces a new scanner to the dental market.

Technology: An Essential in Dental Care!

Dr. Rella Christensen discusses the latest dental materials and other innovations that will change dentistry.

Tooth Extractions and Bone Grafting

Dentistry Today’s Implant Editor, Dr. Michael Tischler, conducts an interview with Dr. Timothy Kosinski about future trends and key products that are making a difference in implant dentistry.

Broken Instrument Removal: The Endodontic Challenge

Dr. Clifford J. Ruddle outlines how most broken instruments can be safely removed using advanced technologies in conjunction with training.

A Modern Approach to Post and Core Restoration: An Evolving Paradigm

Dr. Foroud Hakim presents a case report that includes the use of a newly introduced post system.

Why Clinicians Mistrust Bulk Fills for Class II Restorations
Dr. David Clark discusses the latest in bulk-filled composite techniques.

All-Ceramics and Tooth Alignment Create a New Smile

Dr. Ross W. Nash describes how he used a combination of orthodontic and restorative techniques to meet his patient’s treatment desires.

Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Success: Determining the Endpoint First
Dr. Amanda Seay talks about the importance of treatment planning with the dental clinical endpoint in mind.

Orthodontic Retainers and Anterior Tongue Hypersensitivity: Case Reports

Drs. Sana P. Augustus, Marianne S. Siewe, and Ronald S. Brown report on 2 cases involving patients with anterior erythematous contact lesions that appear to be due to hypersensitivity reactions to orthodontic retainers containing metal alloys. This article is peer reviewed and available for 2 hours of CE credit.

Dental Sleep Medicine: The Future is Now!

Focus On: 3-D Printing