Scanner Updates Designed for More Case Acceptance

Dentistry Today


Align Technology has updated its iTero Element Scanner with a variety of features targeting restorative and orthodontic applications. For example, users can scan and capture the patient’s pre-treatment dentition and the preparation site in a single scan to provide CAD/CAM enabled labs. The user then can use the patient’s own teeth as a starting point for the final restoration.

Real-time scan feedback also is now available to provide guidance to areas that require additional scans before processing the case. This guidance saves time and prevents the need to rescan due to missing data, according to the company. Improved visualization of the dentition, preparation, margin, and soft tissue lets clinicians capture critical details as well. Plus, with real-time scanning in color, users can visually distinguish between gingival and tooth structures for a more precise clinical evaluation during and after the procedure.

Exclusive to the iTero Element Scanner, the Invisalign Outcome Simulator helps clinicians communicate the potential benefits of Invisalign treatment, potentially motivating greater patient acceptance, Alight Technology states. For example, clinicians now can compare patients’ new scans with a specific stage of their ClinCheck treatment plan at any time during treatment to visually assess and communicate treatment progress.

Also, clinicians can send the patient’s simulated final outcome to the Invisalign Treatment Team as a projected simulation, providing final position guidance to the treatment technician. Clinicians additionally will be able to share the patient’s 3-D simulated Invisalign treatment outcome through a password-protected patient portal. The 3-D simulation can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, and computers.