Product Focus

Obtura Spartan
The Piezo-Electric MTS ultrasonic unit is the premier multitask system with a handpiece and ultrasonic tips tailored for general and specialty procedures. Clinicians will appreciate the precision and accuracy they receive from the ergonomically designed handpiece, powered by microprocessor-controlled circuitry. It also delivers an easy-to-use, quick-disconnect, fully autoclavable handpiece, and the simple power-touch water control for wet or dry use. Users will find that this versatile, comprehensive system was designed to meet both clinicians’ expectations and Obtura Spartan Endodontics’ standards. For more information, call (800) 344-1321.

The Integra magnetostrictive scaling system takes scaling to new levels of performance with intuitive, easy-to-use electronic controls for faster, more precise adjustments. The Integra offers the following: (1) 2 removable fluid reservoirs for portability; (2) a built-in pump that digitally controls the rate of irrigant delivery; (3) it automatically adjusts frequency to match any conventional 25- or 30-kHz insert; (4) an easy-to-clean waterproof membrane control panel; (5) autoclavable handpiece sheaths; and (6) a built-in safety feature that turns itself off after a period of nonuse. For more information, call (800) 243-7446 or visit

ACTEON North America
P5 Newtron XS LED is a full-option device. It is equipped with self-contained irrigation and an autoclavable LED light handpiece for maximum autonomy, comfort, and performance. The ring of 6 high-power LEDs produces a very strong light intensity (100,000 lux) that provides excellent visibility of the treatment area. The cold light generated by these LEDs is ideal when working with loupes or under a microscope and helps to better differentiate between soft tissue types. For more information, call (800) 289-6367, visit the Web site, or e-mail

Brasseler USA
The Varios 350 Compact is a multifunctional portable ultrasonic system with the capability to mount to any dental unit. This powerful unit operates at 28 to 32 kHz and offers precise settings for periodontal, general scaling, and endodontic procedures. The compact device features 360° optic technology in a lightweight, ergonomic handpiece, making it useful for the detection of cracks in teeth. For more information, call (800) 841-4522.

Brasseler USA’s top selling scaler and curette patterns are now available in the HygienePro Cushion Grip handle. Designed with input from dental hygienists all over the country, the soft silicone grips and unique knurling pattern of HygienePro Cushion Grip handles ensure a comfortable, slip-free grip. A hollow core enhances tactile sensitivity, while the light weight (20 g) and ideal balance reduce hand fatigue for more comfortable instrumentation. For more information, call (800) 841-4522 or visit

Premier Dental Products
Big Easy Ultralite scalers and curettes are surprisingly light, comfortably balanced instruments. The soft medical-grade silicone grips on a large-diameter, while the advanced technology polymer handles provide passive feedback so the practitioner uses less pressure. The weight of the instruments is up to 30% less than other hygiene instruments. The polymer handles can endure extensive autoclavings for a long working life. With surgical 440A stainless steel tips, these instruments will maintain their precision cutting edge with satisfaction guaranteed. For more information, visit

DBI America
The Swift is a portable, self-contained, piezo ultrasonic scaler requiring only electrical connection. The unit includes both an exterior water hookup and a 500-mL self-pressurized reservoir that can be filled with water or medicament. It is equipped with an LED scaler handpiece with 70,000 lux of light to increase visibility and reduce eyestrain. A wide range of tips offers a solution for periodontics, endodontics, and apical surgery. For more information, call (800) 884-3507 or visit

You can reduce chair time by controlling the right amount of power for a variety of scaling applications with Cavitron’s leading magnetostrictive technology. Combined with the convenience of integration with A-dec 300 or A-dec 500, you’ll eliminate cords and declutter while simplifying your operatory. A-dec’s deluxe touchpad gives the dental team an intuitive display. For more information, call (800) 547-1883 or visit

DentalEZ Group
The Titan Blis-sonic SW (swivel) and Titan Blis-sonic K (fixed connection) are portable, air-powered sonic scalers available in 4-line swivel and fixed backend configurations. The lightweight design of the Blis-sonic is clinically proven to effectively remove stubborn calculus deposits and stains from the tooth surface, while providing an extremely gentle cleaning. The 360° Quick-Connect Swivel reduces tubing drag, and enables quick disconnection for sterilization. Newly designed, removable, ergonomic silicone grips of the Blis-sonic are autoclavable. The scalers come equipped with 5 exclusive StarDental scaling tips. For more information, call (866) DTE-INFO.

The tapered, dual-cutting blades of Nevi 4 scalers can remove the most burnished, heavy, and tenacious calculus while maintaining a super-sharp edge. It features EverEdge technology—a durable, revolutionary stainless steel alloy that lasts for the life of the instrument. Unlike superficial coatings, Nevi 4 scalers with EverEdge technology can be sharpened repeatedly to provide the ultimate in instrument value. EverEdge technology also provides Nevi 4 scalers with a finely honed finish to the instrument blade for sharp edges and efficient scaling. For more information, call (800) HU-FRIEDY.

Ultra features a unique, patented vibration generator, producing a frequency of 16,000 Hz while existing air-driven scalers provide 3,000 to 6,500 Hz. This makes it the world’s only sonic scaler to approach the ultrasonic frequency of 20,000 Hz. Unlike other air scalers, Ultra produces a 150-µm range of oscillation at the tip. For more information, call (800) 221-0750 or visit

DENTSPLY Professional
Only Cavitron systems deliver new Tap-On Technology—the next big step in ultrasonic scaling. Nearly one-third of dental professionals cite musculoskeletal disorders as the reason for early retirement. Tap-On Technology improves efficiency and is designed to reduce hygienist leg strain. A single tap activates or deactivates scaling or air polishing, allowing you to rest your foot during the procedure. New prophy mode auto cycles alternate between air polish and rinse without a need to touch the pedal. For more information, call (800) 989-8826.

MTI Dental
The economy air scaler offers excellent power for periodontal and orthodontic applications. The convenient ScaleMaster features a lightweight, ergonomic design, metal-housing durability, and standard 4-hole or 2-hole connection for most dental units. It includes 2 tips—universal, perio, and sickle—for fast, effective, and comfortable supragingival scaling and debridement with controlled water spray for better visibility. For more information, call (800) 367-9290, visit, or e-mail

Zila Pharmaceuticals
Pro-Select Platinum, designed to be 2 instruments in one, is a comfortable, easy-to-use piezo ultrasonic scaler and a heated subgingival irrigator. It virtually eliminates the need for hand scaling during hygiene appointments and significantly improves productivity while maximizing clinician and patient comfort. For more information, call (800) 228-5595.

The ASC-12 Amplitude piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler is ideal for hygiene, perio, and endo applications. You can quick-connect to an in-office water supply or Aseptico’s portable delivery system for added versa­tility. Features include a compact design, wide intensity control, autoclavable handpiece, 3 preset memory positions, and irrigation adjustment. It has universal 100 to 240V input. For more information, call (866) 244-2954 or visit

Henry Schein
Acclean Pro ultrasonic scalers are compact and lightweight and provide the handler superior handling. Available in 25- and 30-kHz frequency formats, the Acclean Pro ultrasonic scaler’s features include: (1) 30,000 scaling strokes per second; (2) a solid state power unit; (3) innovative water-cooled circuitry for greater stability; and (4) the ability to not lose power at maximum pressure. For more information, call (800) 372-4346 or visit

Deldent USA
The Jetsonic 2000M is an advanced combination scaling and polishing device. Its unique sensor technology recognizes and activates the selected handpiece (scaling or polishing). The polishing device has a nonclogging nozzle due to the patented H.S.T. technology. The scaling device uses advanced patented digital circuitry to automatically tune any insert, whether it’s 25 or 30 kHz. The unit also has a large, easy-view powder reservoir. For more information, call (877) 626-8872 or visit

Better water flow control, a removable handpiece, and reduced output power make the newest BioSonic US100R even better for your subgingival and supragingival hygienic scaling needs. The lower power range keeps the patient’s comfort in mind. The US100R accommodates 25- or 30-kHz inserts, allowing either insert type to be used. A new, unidirectional foot pedal makes operating it even easier. For more information, call (800) 221-3046 or visit

Vista Dental Products
The clinician-friendly Piezo Pilot is a new breed of ultrasonic scalers, offering unprecedented power in a quiet, compact, and lightweight design. The Pilot’s top-of-the-line performance and wide power range make it ideal for perio/hygiene applications. It comes with a set of 4 hygiene tips. Co-Pilot features a 700-mL fluid capacity with dual reservoirs and offers expanded functionality with variable irrigation flow settings. It can operate without operatory air/water connections and includes 6 hygiene tips. Both units come in 6 colors with matching autoclavable handpiece sleeves. For more information, call (877) 418-4782 or visit

Bien-Air Dental
Thanks to its high-precision piezo technology, the Powercare ultrasonic scaler emerges as the instrument of choice for the removal of deposits and supragingival and subgingival dental prophylaxis. It controls and automatically adjusts the power necessary for each operation, as well as offering visibility and excellent handling. It is provided with a basic set of tips to which a wide range of high-performance tips can be added. For more information, call (800) 433-2436.

Flight Dental
Flight ultrasonic scaler is compact and lightweight. It automatically switches operating frequency between 25- and 30-kHz and is compatible with any Cavitron insert. Additionally, handpiece sheath is autoclavable with a 360° rotation. It’s a versatile and reliable machine with an economy price tag. For more information, call (866) 799-0517.

The KaVo SONICflex 2008 offers your patients gentle treatment. Using sonic technology, the low noise and wide elliptical strokes minimize the development of heat. In addition, tooth tissue is protected since the handpiece operates with a low application pressure on the tooth. The new SONICflex 2008 air-driven handpiece is available with an optic glass rod or a nonfiber optic version. The SONICflex easily adapts to any delivery unit with a KaVo MULTIflex coupler. More than 50 tips are available for a wide range of indications. For more information, call (888) ASK-KAVO.

Sirona Dental Systems
The SIROSONIC L is fully integrateable into the Sirona C8+ delivery unit. It operates in a controlled, linear drive mode between a 28- and 32-kHz oscillation frequency. With built-in fiber optics and water intensity control, it is ideal for a broad range of applications, including scaling, endodontics, retrograde root treatment, periodontics, micropreparations, cement, and calculus removal. For more information, call (800) 659-5977 or visit