Plant Could Prevent Pain from Toothaches



A plant from the Amazon rainforest may revolutionize the way tooth pain is dealt with.

There’s an exotic red and yellow plant that could stop the pain from toothaches, according to scientists. This plant could some day be used instead of anesthetic injections.

There are currently over-the-counter products that can limit tooth pain, but they don’t fully alleviate the pain.

An anthropologist first discovered the plant more than 30 years ago after spending time with a Peruvian tribe. The plant got rid of the pain she dealt with after falling victim to tooth pain on the trip.

The plant, Acmella oleracea, was eventually added to a list of rainforest plants that could be used to cure something. A research team has developed a gel stemming from the plant. The gel stops the transmission of the pain signals to nerve endings.

Early results indicate that the gel has successfully been able to treat teeth stuck behind the gumline. The gel may also be considered an alternative to some of the traditional methods of anesthesia. Based on its effectiveness at relieving the pain, the chances of patients returning for ensuing appointments increased.

It’s conceivable that the gel will be available on the market within a few years.

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