Sage Dental and SheepMedical to Launch KiyoClear Orthodontic Aligners in the United States

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Sage Dental, a leading dental service organization (DSO) committed to providing consistent, high-quality care, as well as non-clinical business and administrative services to affiliated practices, announced today that it has partnered with SheepMedical, Japan’s leading clear aligner manufacturer, to become the first DSO in the United States to offer KiyoClear orthodontic aligners. KiyoClear’s patented aligner-expander technology will be available this fall to patients in Sage Dental’s 80-plus practices in Georgia and Florida.

sage dental

“Sage Dental is a progressive organization with a focus on incorporating new technologies that raise the standard of care and bring great benefit to their partner doctors and patients,” said Lea A. Ellermeier, President of SheepMedical USA. “That’s why we chose Sage as our first official DSO rollout partner for the KiyoClear System in the U.S.”

KiyoClear was developed as an orthodontic treatment technique in Japan for treating adult patients with severely crowded teeth. With a 95% patient satisfaction score, SheepMedical has grown to be the largest Japanese aligner manufacturer in only five years, capturing the number three spot on Deloitte’s Japan Fast Fifty Technology list for 2021.

The KiyoClear System is the only aligner system that integrates a removable dental expander throughout treatment, to simultaneously create space in the dental arch and move teeth. The technique minimizes the need for tooth extractions and the removal of tooth enamel to create space. KiyoClear Aligners are worn 22 hours per day and expanders are worn only at night. Designed to accommodate active lifestyles, most patients complete treatment in less than 12 months. In mid-2022, Sage Dental began training its clinicians on the KiyoClear treatment protocol to prepare for the program’s official rollout later this year.

“When we looked at the design of KiyoClear and the science behind it, it was the first aligner we’ve seen that integrates an expander and we recognized this was a brilliant technology that we wanted to make available to our patients,” said Dr. Cindy Roark, Senior Vice President, and Chief Clinical Officer at Sage Dental. “In terms of clear aligners, Sage knew we wanted to offer a differentiated aligner product within our supported practices and KiyoClear is the first significant change in aligner methodology that has entered the dental market in years.”

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SheepMedical Ltd. is a Tokyo-based medical technology company with operations in 10 countries focused on transforming preventative care with digital technology. As Japan’s leading clear aligner manufacturer, SheepMedical holds 25% of the country’s market share with a 95% patient satisfaction rating.

Through its preventative orthodontic care and health services, SheepMedical enables access to quality health solutions for today’s challenges, and anything tomorrow brings.

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