Report Examines “What Dental Patients Want”



“What Dental Patients Want” reveals the attitudes that patients have towards dentists and dentistry in 2016, according to its producer, Futuredontics. Based on a nationwide online survey of more than 3,000 consumers, the report analyzes candid feedback about their decision-making process. It also explores online reviews, appointment availability, dental websites, marketing, insurance, and more.

“I’m completely blown away by the revelations in this report,” said Fred Joyal, cofounder of 1-800-DENTIST, a subsidiary of Futuredontics. “More than ever, dentists are under siege by a highly competitive marketplace. I believe these new findings will really help them to better understand the unpredictable mind of today’s dental patient.”

Additionally, the report ranks the most popular ways that patients find dentists, the top 5 influencers patients consider in selecting a dentist, little known factors that cause patients to leave a practice, and more. Dental professionals can obtain a complimentary copy of the report by participating in a short demonstration of 1-800-DENTIST’s new patient leads program.

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