Public Wants FDA to Take Action on Mercury



A west coast contingent is doing everything it can to spread the word about the negative effects of amalgam in some cases.

The group will challenge the FDA at a meeting this week. The group of people includes injured consumers, dentists and healthcare professionals. The group is targeting dental amalgam fillings that possess a mercury content anywhere in the 45- to 55-percent range.

The group will join forces with Birgit Calhoun, a Stanford University librarian who believes that mercury has many harmful effects when people are exposed to it. Two of her sons suffered major health problems because they were exposed to mercury during her pregnancies. Another son was also poisoned from fillings.

The controversy regarding mercury in dentistry is nothing new. The debate has raged on for more than 100 years based on the findings about what mercury is capable of doing to people.

The U.S. State Department recently announced that mercury will be used less and could eventually be phased out. Earlier this year, many countries in Europe announced restrictions for mercury. Denmark, Norway and Sweden have completely banned it.

All of these issues are why this group of people will be trying to get the FDA to ban mercury.

Still, mercury has its benefits, otherwise it would already have been banned. That’s also why it’s still used in the dental profession today.