Propper Named Chief Dental Officer at Endodontic DSO

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Terryl Propper, DDS, MS, will serve as the chief dental officer of Endodontic Practice Partners (EPP), a newly formed specialty partnership organization focused on supporting endodontists. She is a former president of the American Association of Endodontists (AAE).

“Since serving as president of the AAE in 2016, I have seen rapid changes taking place in the specialty market. Traditional practice models are quickly fading away as retiring practitioners are being replaced by group practices and consolidation across the US. Student debt is influencing young endodontists’ practice choices,” said Propper. 

“EPP is taking the lead to help endodontists adapt to these changes. We provide expertise to endodontists to position them for the possible clinical, professional, and business success,” said Propper.

According to EPP, affiliate practices benefit from resources in recruiting, marketing, human resources, group purchasing, insurance negotiation, growth capital, and strategic planning, helping them grow their practices. 

Also, all practices are owned and led by endodontists and focused on their specialty, EPP says, making the company unique since partners of affiliated practices are owners with the company and will have a stake in its growth and strategic direction. 

Retiring after 30 years of clinical practice, Propper then served as CEO and managing partner of a three-location group endodontic practice in Nashville. She also is a former ADA Hillenbrand Fellowship finalist, assistant director of marketing for the ADA, and former member of the ADA’s speaker bureau. She is the president of the Tennessee Dental Association as well.

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