Varnish Delivers Targeted and Sustained Release of Calcium, Fluoride

Richard Gawel


Bisco Dental ProductsFluoroCal is a fluoride- and calcium-releasing varnish indicated for application to enamel and dentin to treat hypersensitive teeth. It delivers targeted and sustained release of calcium and fluoride for more than 24 hours and provides immediate relief of sensitivity by penetrating and sealing dentin tubules, according to the company.

When tested, FluoroCal showed significantly higher fluoride uptake than other leading fluoride varnishes, Bisco said. Additionally, it contains Tri-Calcium Phosphate (TCP), which studies have shown may help strengthen enamel and build more acid-resistant mineral when combined with fluoride.

FluoroCal is available in a spearmint flavor and sweetened with xylitol, further ensuring better patient compliance, the company said. It can be purchased in a 50-count, unit-dose package, with each unit-dose container designed to be simple and easy to open. It is applied with a brush, allowing for fast and easy application, Bisco said.

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