Face Shield Designed for Perfect Clarity

Richard Gawel


The Ambience Loupe Shield has 10 times less reflection than standard shield plastic and 97% light pass-through instead of 87%, according to the company, enabling perfect clarity, reducing eye strain, and eliminating headlight glare. Developed by periodontist Dr. Scott Yamaoka and his son Zach, a former engineer at Dyson, the shield also offers adjustable front clearance. The full visor slides up to 9 cm forward, which is enough room to fit any loupes and lights setup, the company said. The harness also is designed to be light and fully adjustable for comfort. Splash coverage was tested to the ANSI Z87.1 standard as well. And, it is authorized for sale by Health Canada and available in the United States under the FDA Emergency Use Authorization.

For more information, call (672) 513-2311 or visit ambienceppe.com.

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