Shade Liquid Eliminates Need to Stock Blocks That Don’t Match

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The Vita North America Vita Zirconia YZ HT Shade Liquids are designed specifically to deliver a perfect shade match every time. They eliminate the need to stock countless preshaded blocks that don’t match while simultaneously streamlining chairside inventory. While the shade liquids were developed for use with Vita Zirconia YZ material, they can also be used to infiltrate zirconia by other manufacturers, including preshaded zirconia blocks, which often don’t exactly match with their identified shade system. 

With these liquids, clinicians also can customize color zirconia restorations prior to sintering while creating fine shade tones quickly and easily, according to the company. Colors can be leveraged to adjust intensity and characterization. A range of shade options is available, including a combination of basic and additional shades that enable individual reproduction of the entire range of Vita shades. Vita Zirconia YZ HT Shade Liquids are available in 7 Vita classical A1 to D4 shades and 7 Vita System 3D-Master shades.

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