Handpiece Illuminates Operative Field

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Beyes Dental Canada’s AirLight M800X handpiece is designed to provide a clearer illuminated operative field. The direct LED is also brighter and has a larger light pattern than traditional power optic systems, the company reports. Its extraordinary torque ensures the accurate and powerful cutting that dentists need as well, Beyes Dental Canada says.

Plus, the handpiece’s IS technology provides instant stop capability while eliminating backflow and noise when ceasing operation. Its X ball bearings last up to 4 times longer than traditional ball bearings thanks to Beyes’ newly engineered ball bearings with special caging material, the company says.

Also, the handpiece’s Quatro Spray is designed to ensure superior visibility and cooling with 4 specially positioned ports. Its Direct-LED+ delivers some of the best direct illumination available, powered by Beyes’ signature built-in generator, eliminating the need to be tethered to a delivery unit’s fiber optic system, Beyes Dental Canada adds. 

The handpiece’s Micro-Tex improves grip and increases patient safety, the company says, while its 27-W torque provides some of best cutting power to minimize stalling and increase efficiency. And, its 25-month warranty expands coverage to more than double the standard 12-month warranty. 

For more information, visit Beyes Dental Canada’s website at beyes.ca or email info@beyes.ca.

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