Denture Teeth Promise Shape, Shade Accuracy, and Light Dynamics

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VITA North America’s VITAPAN EXCELL premium denture teeth provide a natural shape, outstanding shade accuracy, and brilliant play of light, according to the company. Constructed of durable microfiller-reinforced polymer composite material, the teeth are designed for highly aesthetic full, partial, and implant-retained anterior dentures.

For ideal restoration results, an anterior tooth requires perfectly aligned tooth axes, length, and width rations, as well as a natural angle and curvature characteristics. VITAPAN EXCELL was created with these golden proportions in mind, allowing for easy replication of the natural symmetry of the tooth and convenient reproduction of the tooth position. Wide cervical dimensions provide ideal gingival modeling for optimal pink-white aesthetics, VITA North America reports, and moulds with natural angle and curvature characteristics allow for vitality in shape. 

VITAPAN EXCELL denture teeth are available in 11 VITA 3D-MASTER shades and 15 VITA classical A1-D4 shades. A convenient metal case with mould charts also is available for tooth storage.

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