Rhondium – OVC One Visit Crown

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The innovative OVC (One Visit Crown) is a single-appointment, chairside, full-coverage restorative option. The procedure is simple. Clean tooth surfaces. Determine crown size with the OVC Selector Key. Use the replica for mesiodistal width and occlusal clearance. Insert OVC contact-forming wedges, blocking undercuts and opening interproximal contacts. Apply separating medium to tooth. Remove OVC crown from its light-protective packing, and place on prepared tooth. Press the crown into position manually, and align with the adjacent teeth. Spot cure for 10 seconds. Remove excess composite at margins. Cure 20 seconds intraorally and 60 seconds on the bench. Wash and dry both tooth and OVC.
Cement with a strong dual-cure resin. For more information, call (800) 875-6246 or visit rhondium.com.