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QuickSplint offers an improved, custom-fit, interim anterior bite plane that takes minutes to fabricate. It assists in diagnosing, treating, protecting, and healing, and it covers the anteriors, bicuspid to bicuspid, inhibiting destructive parafunctional forces. This allows pericranial muscles to relax during sleep (or while awake), protecting the teeth and restorations. QuickSplint comprises a hard plastic shell enclosing a softer custom-made polyvinyl lining that conforms to the supporting teeth. It is an interim solution. Continued wear lessens discomfort, pinpointing the pain etiology more accurately—parafunctional, myogenous, endodontic, or TMJ. The QuickSplint is then utilized for trial therapy, verifying the suspected etiology and the intended treatment. For more information, call (800) 760-0526 or visit quicksplint.com.