Restorative Material Can Match Shade of Surrounding Tooth Structure

Richard Gawel


VOCO’s Admira Fusion x-tra is the world’s first single-shade omni-chromatic nano-ORMOCER restorative material, according to the company. Due to its unique composition, it can match the shade of the surrounding tooth structure, improving the speed and simplicity of the restorative procedure, VOCO says. Not only does this save time, it prevents waste because dental offices avoid having to buy multiple shades before inevitably throwing away unused or unpopular shades when they expire, the company adds.

About 60% of the particulate that makes up Admira Fusion x-tra is between 20 to 40 nm in diameter, smaller than the wavelengths of visible light (approximately 400 to 700 nm). As a result, Admira Fusion x-tra’s nanoparticulate neither diffracts or refracts light. Instead, it allows the light to simply pass through uninterrupted and bounce off the surrounding tooth structure, causing the restoration to take on the shading and color of its surroundings, much like a chameleon blending into its environment.

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