Q-Optics – Prismatic Loupe Blending Aesthetics, Mechanical Design, and Precision Engineering

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The Q-Optics 3.5x prismatic loupes harmoniously blend aesthetics, mechanical design, and precision engineering, resulting in a class-defining optical system. Experience the some of the lightest and most ergonomically correct expanded-field loupes ever introduced. The size and weight of traditional expanded-field loupes are driven by the large housing required to encase the lens elements and the large prisms. For the first time, prisms extend beyond the lens housing into the protective carbon fiber shrouds. When mounted in the Eclipse Titanium frame, total system weight is an unprecedented 54 g. The machined titanium housing further enhances strength and rigidity while delivering a significant reduction in weight compared to other prismatic loupes. High-resolution imaging with superior clarity provides edge-to-edge sharpness across the field of view. A removable prescription insert is also available in the Eclipse frame. For more information, call (800) 858-2121 or visit q-optics.com/dtoday14.