BrandMax Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit

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Tri-Clean Ultrasonic Cleaning Units deliver the next generation of cleaning power. Working in conjunction with Tri-Clean Triple Enzymatic Cleaners, the ultrasonic cleaners can produce cleaner instruments, prolong instrument life, and improve infection prevention. All units include (1) industry-leading cleaning power, (2) a cycle time controller, and (3) the ability to work with all popular cassette systems. You will be happy to know BrandMax also includes a free stainless steel basket and a free heating element. The Tri-Clean offering includes 4 recessed ultrasonic units and 4 table-top ultrasonic units ranging in 1- to 5-gal capacity. The stainless steel construction and product support are second to no one in the industry. For more information, call (844) 874-2532 or visit