Planmeca Scanners Cleared for Use With ClearCaps Aligners

Richard Gawel


Planmeca’s Emerald and PlanScan intraoral scanners are now accepted for use with the ClearCaps clear aligner system. After scanning the upper and lower arches in occlusion, the files can be instantly sent to ClearCaps via, for example, the Planmeca Romexis Cloud transfer service with just a few clicks.

“We are very pleased about the possibility to use Planmeca Emerald and Planmeca PlanScan intraoral scans with the ClearCaps system. By using our Planmeca Romexis Cloud service to transfer the data to ClearCaps, the user can be sure that the transfer is done in an easy and secure way,” said Jukka Kanerva, vice president of Planmeca’s dental care units and CAD/CAM division.

“Scanning impressions is seeing a huge growth among our doctors working with ClearCaps clear aligners. It makes the process of manufacturing their custom-made Caps and the 3-D setup much faster and more efficient,” said Jesse N. Bartels, territory manager for ClearCaps. “Planmeca’s intraoral scanners allow general practitioners and orthodontists to maximize their workflow efficiency and offer their patients the best possible experience with state-of-the-art equipment.”

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