Panoramic X-Ray Offers Accurate Extraoral Bitewings

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The Planmeca USA ProMax 2D S3 panoramic x-ray system features anatomically accurate extraoral bitewings using patented Selectively Compliant Articulated Robotic Arm technology. This technology enables precise, free-flowing arm movements, permitting a variety of imaging programs not possible with fixed-rotation panoramic units, according to the company. It also allows for future 3-D upgrades. The system’s unique Autofocus feature automatically positions the focal layer using a low-dose image of a patient’s central incisors to capture an ideal panoramic image, minimizing retakes.

Also, open patient positioning and side entry are designed to minimize errors caused by incorrect patient positioning, allowing clinicians to monitor the patient freely from both the front and side. Side entry is designed for easy access for all patients, standing or seated. The triple laser beam system indicates correct anatomical positioning points to assist patient positioning as well. Plus, the full-color graphical user interface provides clear texts and symbols to guide users through the procedure. Settings are logically grouped and easy to understand, Planmeca says, speeding up imaging and allowing users to focus on their patients.

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