Matrix System Targets Challenging Anterior Restorations

Richard Gawel


The Garrison Fusion Anterior Matrix System is designed specifically for challenging anterior restorations. It includes two sizes of firm metal matrix bands and four sizes of wedges to allow the restoration of a wide variety of anterior lesions, the company said.

“Our customers were the inspiration behind the new Fusion Anterior Matrix System,” said Jason Phillips, Garrison’s director of marketing. “They described using our metal posterior matrix bands in a unique way to perfectly recreate anterior tooth anatomy. We worked with many of them to refine that concept into this new system.”

The firm metal matrix bands are significantly thinner than traditional plastic strips and can be inserted through existing contacts and into the sulcus for deeper restorations, the company said. Ideal gingival/incisal anatomy as well as facial/lingual anatomy are built in, simplifying sculpting in the critical anterior area, Garrison said.

The unique, radical curvature of the wedge wraps the band snugly around the tooth and anchors it in place, helping to free up the clinician’s hands, Garrison said. They gently slide alongside the interdental papilla to site lower interproximally, providing maximum tooth separation while reducing the occurrence of black triangles, according to the company.

The starter kit comes with 50 each of the two sizes of matrix bands and 25 each of the four wedge sizes. A complete selection of refills also is available.

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