Flexible and Adaptable Wedge Prevents Back-Out

Richard Gawel


The 3D Fusion Ultra Adaptive Wedge from Garrison Dental Solutions combines the proprietary thermoplastic elastomer Soft Face overmold with a firm polypropylene inner core and soft, flexible fins for improved adaptation to interproximal irregularities and retention, according to the company. Also, Garrison Dental Solutions notes that this is the first time these materials have been combined in a wedge.

“There have been other ‘rubber’ devices designed to seal the gingival portion of matrix bands, but they require special tools for insertion. 3D Fusion wedges have the anatomy-hugging softness of these devices while the firm core allows for traditional wedge insertion,” said Jason Phillips, director of marketing.

Other wedges have a hollowed out underside, which increases flexibility but decreases separation force. The solid and firm core with a solid but soft exterior gives enables the 3D Fusion Ultra Adaptive Wedge’s optimum flexibility and separation, Garrison claims. Also, its retentive fins prevent back-out even when wet.

“The fins are directional. They easily fold flat against the wedge body as it is inserted. Once clear of the interproximal space, the fins spring back into their original position,” said Phillips. “If the wedge starts to slide back out, the fins are forced to flare out from the wedge body, increasing the width of the wedge and thus helping to prevent further back-out.”

The wedge works in concert with a sectional matrix system. It’s designed to effectively enable the practitioner to complete restorative procedures with improved clinical outcomes. It is available in an assortment kit and in extra-small, small, medium, and large sizes. For more information, call (888) 437-0032 or visit garrisondental.com.

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