Dental Consumables Market to Top $28 Billion By 2020



The global dental consumables market will rise from $20.612 billion in 2015 to $28.775 billion by 2020 with a compound annual growth rate of 6.9%, according to Mordor Intelligence. Factors driving this increase include new medical tourism, an aging population, demand for cosmetic dentistry, greater use of implants, global economic growth, and emerging markets.

For example, dental work plays a key role in medical tourism as patients travel to other regions and countries for procedures that may be too expensive or unavailable at home—and dentists compete for their business. Also, the past 5 years have seen a significant increase in demand for and dollars spent on cosmetic dentistry, thanks to a wider selection of options available to patients.

In the United States, the dental service economy generates about $60 billion each year in patient fees and practice activity. That total has been rising due to changing demographics and patient behavior as well as technology and access to dental care. While changes in these factors traditionally have been slow and predictable, though, analysts expect future changes to move at a considerably different pace.

Emerging markets also will be influential as the global economy grows and affordability unlocks success for dental consumables. Increasing wealth will strengthen the performance of the premium segment of dental consumables in these markets as well. In developed countries, meanwhile, simpler and more standardized treatment protocols will reduce chair time and encourage market growth.

The analysts note that lack of awareness among patient populations, lack of proper reimbursement, and stringent regulatory frameworks will be major challenges for the market. In emerging markets in particular, education will be vital in supporting growth. Major players in dental consumables include DENTSPLY, Straumann, Zimmer, Danaher, Sirona, and Henry Schein.

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