Matrix System Guarantees Optimal Separation Forces and Stability

Richard Gawel


The Wagotrix Sectional Matrix System from GoldenDent is the solution to the problem of broken Class II metal rings, according to the company. With it, clinicians can use a new ring every procedure, resulting in guaranteed optimal separation forces and stability every time while delivering perfect, tight contacts, GoldenDent says. 

The universal ring uses a proprietary reinforced material designed to eliminate the risk of breaking or spring, unlike metal rings. Disposable and hygienic, it eliminates the hassle of cleaning and autoclaving rings, GoldenDent says. It also is stackable for simultaneous restorations. There’s no financial risk from losing or damaging the ring either.

The rigid anatomical wedges use adaptive characteristics to achieve a perfect seal at the gingival margin, the company says. They also are designed to be gentle on the gums and on rubber dams. They are stackable as well and can be placed without removing the ring for improved seal of the box with ease, GoldenDent says. 

The anatomical matrix has an anatomically correct shape and uses a non-stick composite. Measuring 30 µm thin, it is still resistant for tight contacts, the company says. It is designed for easy placement and removal with a pinholder design. And, it saves time and money since less finishing is required, according to the company.

And, the system’s pin-holders perfectly grip the matrices and wedges for easy placement and removal, GoldenDent says. Their crossover design allows them to be exceptionally strong and to passively grip the matrix during placement or removal, the company reports. The pin-holder’s gold tip is designed for easy location, while the forceps’ built-in grooves are designed to simplify ring setting and minimize hand fatigue.

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