Tooth Extraction System Provides Ease of Use

Richard Gawel


The Physics Foreceps atraumatic extraction system from GoldenDent is designed to provide a simple, predictable, and unconventional method for extracting teeth regardless of the practitioner’s extraction experience, or the condition of the tooth, while providing a positive patient experience.

The system operates as an elevator, rather than forceps, using lever mechanics. One handle is connected to a bumper that acts as the fulcrum placed deep in the vestibule. The other handle is connected to the beak, which is positioned most often on the lingual or palatal root of the tooth into the gingival sulcus.

No aspect of the instrument grasps the crown, and no advanced elevation is needed. Once the instrument is properly placed, the handles are rotated a few degrees with only wrist movement in a slow, steady, and controlled manner, the company says, with no squeezing required.

The Physics Forceps are effective in most cases, GoldenDent reports, including badly decayed or broken down teeth, endodontically treated teeth, fractured or fragile teeth, curved or long rooted molars and cuspids, or any tooth that historically would be challenging with conventional instrumentation. The company notes that the Physics Forceps are ideal for implantologists who want to preserve the surrounding bone and tissue in preparation of dental implants.

The system places a constant and steady load on the tooth, allowing “creep” to build, releasing hyaluronic acid and resulting in the breakdown of periodontal ligaments. According to GoldenDent, this breakdown occurs faster than conventional methods that employ intermittent, rocking, or brute strength types of forces. 

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