Loupes Blend Aesthetics, Mechanical Design, and Precision Engineering

Richard Gawel


Each pair of Q-OpticsThrough the Lens (TTL) loupes is precision made to align to the user’s facial features. The proprietary, True-Fit Digital Measurement process drives customization and alignment, resulting in industry-leading accuracy and personalization, according to the company.

Working distances are set to the nearest half-inch or centimeter to conform to the user’s normal working position without forcing the user to adjust to an off-the-shelf focal distance. All working distances are customized to 10 to 26 inches for each user. 

Also, Q-Optics prismatic loupes are designed to harmoniously blend aesthetics, mechanical design, and precision engineering, producing class-defining optical systems. When mounted on the Q-Optics Eclipse Titanium frame, total system weight starts at 54 g.

Crafted by an aerospace engineer and inspired by fighter jet design, the machined titanium housing and carbon-fiber canopies further enhance strength and rigidity while delivering a significant reduction in weight over other prismatic loupes Q-Optics says. A lifetime warranty is standard, and a removable prescription insert is also available in the Eclipse frame.

For more information, call Q-Optics at (800) 858-2121 or visit q-optics.com.

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