Full-Contour Zirconia Provides Natural-Looking Vitality

Richard Gawel


Nacera Q3 ultratranslucent, multilayer, 600-MPa zirconia was designed and manufactured by the same engineers responsible for the high-strength, precision zirconia parts found in BMW, Mercedes, and Bugatti automobiles. Relying upon color spectrometers to verify shades and translucency, the precise manufacturing methods provide natural-looking vitality and make full-contour zirconia not only one of the most predictable ceramics available but now one of the most aesthetic, according to the company.

Unlike other materials, Nacera Q3 is manufactured with a natural shade transition from the gingival to the occlusal/incisal where the shade simultaneously lightens and decreases in intensity with a gradual increase in translucency. With Nacera Q3, no cutbacks or buildups are required, and there is no complicated staining.

For more information, call Nacera US at (215) 345-5283 or visit nacera.us.

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