Intraoral Scanner to Be Distributed with Restorative Ecosystem

Richard Gawel


Glidewell Dental will distribute Align Technology’s iTero Element intraoral scanning system in North America with the In-Office Solution, a chairside restorative ecosystem set to simplify the process of prescribing and delivering laboratory-quality dental restorations.

The Solution is designed to provide a streamlined workflow with the iTero Element and Glidewell’s Software, which serves to auto-design restorations for the clinician’s approval or communicate with the lab’s digital design experts as needed. Final designs can be used to prescribe a laboratory restoration or sent to the In-Office Unit for immediate chairside milling.

“The promise of convenience offered by chairside milling systems tends to be offset by the cost and complexity of adoption,” said Stephenie Goddard, vice president of business operations at Glidewell Dental. “In contrast, uses artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to effectively streamline the restorative process, enabling clinicians to focus on the needs and comfort of their patients.”

“An accurate restoration is almost entirely contingent upon an accurate scan,” said Mike Selberis, Glidewell Dental’s chief technology officer. “Beyond its impressive speed and inimitable precision, the intuitive interface and integrated training resources of the iTero Element scanner make it an easy choice as our preferred entry point for clinicians looking to tap into the full range of services provided by” 

“The convenience and precision of intraoral scanning continues to replace conventional impression-taking techniques and enables an efficient digital start to the restorative treatment process,” said Raphael Pascaud, Align Technology’s chief marketing, portfolio, and business development officer and vice president of the iTero scanner and services. “The natural extension of Glidewell’s digital production processes into a chairside form factor is a key driver for same-day dentistry and fits well with our strategy to transform the industry through digital products and solutions.”

The In-Office Solution featuring the iTero Element will be available in North America in the first quarter of 2018. Orders may be placed now with Glidewell sales representatives.

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