Digital Toolset Facilitates Lab-Quality Restorations in Chairside Environment

Richard Gawel


For clinicians who desire more flexibility in their everyday restorative workflows, Glidewell Dental has introduced the In-Office Solution. This versatile suite of technologies empowers clinicians with enhanced treatment options—on a patient-by-patient basis, choose between creating restorations in your office or sending cases digitally to Glidewell Laboratories—according to the company 

The Solution comprises interconnected technologies, including the iTero Element Intraoral Scanner, Software, and In-Office Unit. These advanced tools are linked to the intuitive interface, from which users can collaborate with Glidewell Laboratories, design and mill dental restorations, and access on-demand support.

The user experience is simplified as a result of artificial intelligence. Derived from millions of cases completed at Glidewell Laboratories, these applied algorithms serve to auto-generate restoration designs for the clinician’s approval as well as streamline much of the digital processes.

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