Imaging Software Update Improves Efficiency and Communication

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Version 4.2 of Dentsply Sirona’s Sidexis 4 imaging processing software is designed to make intraoral x-rays easier and faster while improving communication with the patient. For example, its Exposure Advisor feature directly assesses the illumination of the images and adjusts the parameters for future imaging if necessary.

A graphical LED strip displays whether the image is underexposed or overexposed. The user then can check the quality of the image during the imaging process. When the image has been created, the improved operating system ensures that even serial intraoral images can be interpreted reliably and quickly with the Xios XG Sensor without opening a larger number of windows or different menus, Dentsply Sirona reports.

Also, Sidexis 4.2 seamlessly integrates dynamic sharpness control with settings that can be selected individually for up to 5 different diagnoses, according to the company. For imaging carious lesions, these sharpness and contrast settings are designed to help in identifying the smallest defects. Brightness and darkness settings emphasize the anatomic structures more clearly and make the dentin-enamel junction easier to identify, Dentsply Sirona says, making the handling and processing of single and serial intraoral images simpler and more versatile, even in retrospect.

“It is very important for us that users are able to find their way around the software quickly and that all of the functions that support the corresponding workflow are directly available to users and optimized accordingly,” said Nadia Amor, PhD, senior product manager of imaging systems at Dentsply Sirona. “We have developed new features and integrated the existing functions even better in order to further simplify operation.”

This way, the company says, images from any source can be imported more easily, and the sessions can be saved and called up more conveniently as a summary of the current work results. In the patient history timeline, users now can filter by type of image, saving time when combined with the timeline. Plus, the “Getting to Know Sidexis 4” integrated document provides displays the software’s highlights with multiple images, particularly for functions that aren’t immediately obvious but provide real utility, Dentsply Sirona says.

Version 4.2 additionally expands the open interfaces that Sidexis provides. The software is designed for optimal integration into the practice and enables the import of 3-D digital imaging and communication data from third-party suppliers. Such data can be used within the software in a variety of ways. Images selected from various sources can be displayed in the light box. 

The new rendering is designed to make all 3-D images particularly vivid while offering idea orientation for dentists and their patients. The “Compare” feature allows images to be displayed next to each other and synchronized for comparison, which can be especially useful for treatment planning, monitoring results, and communicating with patients.

Furthermore, Sidexis 4 connects all Dentsply Sirona x-ray units and treatment centers and combines them to provide an intelligently linked complete solution. Also, the software can exchange patient data and images with all commonly used practice management software. According to the company, x-ray data can be easily electronically transferred at no great expense and with no loss of quality due to copying.

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