Hygiene/Diagnostic Instruments Combine Rugged Handles and Comfortable Grips

Richard Gawel


Premier Dental’s PremierAir lightweight and ergonomically designed hygiene and diagnostic instruments combine rugged polymer handles with a comfortable nonslip grip, the company reports. Less pressure is needed to maintain control, according to Premier Dental, and that means there’s a better solution to reduce hand fatigue. Each instrument is made to the highest standards in the United States and undergoes extensive testing to ensure a long working life, the company says.

The PremierAir Probex is designed to deliver the convenience of a probe and explorer in one instrument. The probes have easy-to-view, black markings that are recessed into the tips to greatly reduce wear. The PremierAir hygiene scalers and curettes feature tips made from 440A stainless steel utilizing SmartSharp Technology designed to ensure well-defined, sharp edges. PremierAir explorers are available in all popular styles, providing excellent tactile sensitivity and sharp points to quickly and easily detect any tooth irregularities, Premier Dental says.

For more information, visit Premier Dental’s website at premusa.com.

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