Sealant Releases Fluoride and Remineralization Ions

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With its patented SmartCap Technology, Premier Dental ProductsBioCoat bioactive pit and fissure sealant combines optimal physical properties with extended fluoride and remineralization ion release for greater protection, according to the company. A heavily filled resin sealant, it’s designed to offer outstanding compressive and shear bond strengths and low polymerization shrinkage to protect against marginal gaps. The thixotropic sealant also flows freely into the tightest pits and fissures for adaptation and adhesion to the enamel. Designed to be easily light-cured, it offers an aesthetic appearance as well.

The SmartCap Technology incorporates patented semi-permeable resin microcapsules filled with ionic solutions of fluoride, calcium, and phosphate that diffuse in and out of the sealant. The ions supersaturate the oral environment around the enamel, providing a defense against demineralization during acid attacks. The extended release of remineralization ions provides long-term protection while strengthening enamel and sealing margins against microleakage. There is no degradation of the restoration resulting from the fluoride release.

Each standard package of BioCoat contains an additional 1.2-mL syringe at no charge for dentists’ and hygienists’ evaluation. For more information, call Premier Dental Products at (888) 670-6100 or visit

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