Hybrid Ceramic Resin Gets FDA Approval for Use in 3D-Printed Dentures

Richard Gawel


Desktop Heath has received Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance for its Flexcera Base hybrid ceramic resin for use in 3D fabrication of high-quality dental prosthetics, according to the company. The two proprietary formulations, Flexcera Smile and Flexcera Base, are Desktop Health’s first formulated and optimized digital dental solutions.

“Three years ago, we set out to create a product that addressed the limitations of current 3D printed dental prosthetics—brittleness and poor aesthetics,” said Michael Jafar, president and CEO of Desktop Health.

“The introduction of Flexcera marks the inception of a remarkable new era in dentistry, combining advanced Flexcera science with 3D printing technology to deliver superior strength, aesthetics, and function for patients,” Jafar continued.

Flexcera was developed with the strength of ceramic coupled with long chain chemistry to ensure optimal denture properties, the company said. When used exclusively with EnvisionTEC 3D printers, dental providers can print up to eight customized Flexcera dentures in less than two hours, delivering same-day, high-quality prosthetics, Desktop Health said.

For the first time in dental prosthetics, according to the company, Flexcera offers:

  • High fracture resistance that’s three times more resistant to fracture than select competitive resins
  • Moisture resistance to prevent staining or discoloration that’s two times more resistant than a leading competitive formulation
  • An overall natural aesthetic that offers lifelike tooth translucency and a natural looking smile

“Desktop Health has changed my approach to personalized dentistry. The Flexcera resin delivers on the four cornerstones of why 3D printing works so well: strength, high aesthetics, accuracy, and speed,” said Dr. Ryan Dunlop, DMD, of Full Arch Masters.

“With Flexcera, I am now able to deliver beautiful, high-quality, and same-day dental prosthetics in record time, customized to the patient, while they are in the chair,” Dunlop said.

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