3D Printer Designed for High-Volume Production and Precision

Richard Gawel


The Stratasys Origin One 3D printer uses proprietary P3 technology and a software-first architecture to produce parts for dental applications at volume in a wide range of open, certified third-party materials with industry-leading accuracy, detail, finish, repeatability, and time to part, according to the company.

Combined with hardware upgrades, Stratasys said, the technology enables the company to optimize virtually all aspects of the system in the new version of the product to improve reliability and performance. Cloud connectivity means customers will receive additional feature improvements as well, Stratasys added.

“We have been laser-focused on meeting stringent accuracy and repeatability criteria for 3D-printed connectors that require double-digit micron accuracy,” said Mark Savage, Global Center of Excellence leader for additive manufacturing at TE Connectivity, a long-time Stratasys customer. “Today, we’re seeing the hardware, the software, and the materials from Stratasys really come together to begin making production scale a reality for us.”

Stratasys plans to begin taking orders for the printer, post-processing, and related software through its worldwide channel beginning in May.

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