High-Speed Ergonomic Handpiece Outputs 27 W

Richard Gawel


The 430 Torque is the newest member of DentalEZ’s StarDental high-speed handpiece family, delivering power and choice. An independent test by THE DENTAL ADVISOR shows the 430 Torque has 27 W of power. Its angled head and ergonomic design enable a neutral wrist position, minimizing hand fatigue. Available with or without fiber optics, it weighs less than 2 ounces and has an average decibel rating of 67, which is similar to normal conversation level at 3 feet. Plus, its 11-mm head design allows for superior operatory field visibility. Its vortex washer was designed to minimize debris suck-back into housing, preventing turbine damage. The bifurcated glass design prevents shadowing in front of the bur. And, its 100% stainless steel body is designed for rugged durability. Customers can choose from a lubricated version or StarDental’s patented LubeFree version, which provides dental practices with substantial cost and time savings. 

For more information, call (866) DTE-INFO or visit dentalez.com/torque.

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