NuSimplicity Chair Offers Ergonomics, Comfort



At the DentalEZ booth, Tina Goede, institutional sales manager, talked about the many benefits of the NuSimplicity Chair, including its ergonomic design that reduces the need for twisting and reaching, its flexibility that allows 60° rotation, and its simple controls. The chair also offers optional features, such as a USB port, wireless controls, and airglide for ease of movement.

NuSimplicity has an ultrathin back, and tapered narrow chair design, and an ergonomic base plate. These aspects all work together to get you closer to the patient and allow the best possible access to the oral cavity. The armrests are durable but drop down on both sides for the patient to easily enter and exit the chair, and its lift capacity is 665 lbs, which includes the unit, chair mounted light, and patient.

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