Whiten Teeth With Black Toothpaste



Curaprox has been getting an increasing amount of attention with its Black is White toothpaste, a whitening toothpaste featuring activated carbon, an ingredient which has been proven to whiten teeth. The paste itself is black and tastes refreshingly like mint. Dentists are purchasing this product now to sell to patients, and the results have been impressive—people are talking about Curaprox.

In addition to the toothpaste, Curaprox also offers a multicolored toothbrush, the CS5460, named after the number of bristles it contains. Soft but effective, the key is in its bristles: Curaprox’s toothbrushes do not use nylon bristles but filaments that are incredibly gentle and fine. Dentists may also purchase these brushes to give to their patients when they purchase a tube of Black is White toothpaste.

For more information, visit curaprox.com.