Flexible Sensor Designed for Comfort and Durability

Richard Gawel


The KaVo Kerr DEXIS FS Ergo digital sensor targets patients who have low tolerance for standard intraoral modalities. Designed to be robust and durable while maintaining optimal image integrity, the FS Ergo’s submersible sensor housing is resistant to bite marks and can withstand a wide variety of disinfection chemicals.

Also, the cable-to-sensor connection is designed to withstand pulling, twisting, straining, and bending. The USB connector is built to withstand high-frequency insertion and pulling cycles. And made from advanced materials, KaVo Kerr says, the contoured positioning system allows the sensor to easily exit and protects the longevity of the cable from wear and tear.

Plus, the DEXIS FS Ergo helps to reduce retakes due to patient movement caused by discomfort, enhancing practice efficiency and creating a streamlined digital workflow. By pairing the flexible sensor technology with a soft housing and proprietary holder system, FS Ergo can “give” as x-rays are being captured, KaVo Kerr reports.

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