Update Improves 3-D Imaging Software

Richard Gawel


Invivo 5.4 from KaVo Kerr Group Imaging enhances the company’s CBCT 3-D imaging treatment planning software. It is fully integrated and exclusively used with Instrumentarium Dental, Gendex, and SOREDEX 3-D imaging systems. Also, its upgraded feature-rich software provides more control in designing crowns, abutments, and implants right from the Cone Beam 3-D scan, according to KaVo Kerr Group Imaging.

The update is designed to simplify the entire implant selection process. With the ability to adjust and size the implant directly within the 3-D rendering, dentists now can set implants individually or in parallel groups. It also offers quick and easy bone grafting simulation, according to the company.

“If the implant is already placed, it takes one click to activate the tool and one click to create the graft,” said Yena Chokshi, associate 3-D software product manager. “You can get your results in seconds.”

Invivo 5.4’s tools help dentists design crowns fitting prepped teeth, abutments, or pontics. With its mesh manipulation tools, dentists can make fine mesh adjustments to the restoration shape. The restoration fitting tools allow for proper crown to abutment/prepped tooth interlacing. Collision indicators and stone model registration display how crowns are spaced with regards to existing structures for better positioning and shaping. And, Invivo 5.4 can be used to create pontic crowns or bridge structures.

Additionally, the updated interface and enhanced abutment view during custom abutment creation now can interface with restoration correctly and with group abutments for parallel insertion. The update’s richer and more detailed airway analysis includes anterior/posterior right/left distance and cross-sectional area data along any point in the airway. Furthermore, Invivo 5.4 provides accurate jaw articulation simulation.

“In the absence of an articulator, this tool can be used as a reference for occlusion and potential interference,” Chokshi said. “Accuracy depends on the scans. Intraoral scans will provide greater accuracy. The user can always adjust the condyles and stone models manually.”

Invivo 5.4 treatment software is included with new OP300 Maxio Cone Beam 3-D scanners, Gendex GXDP-700S and SOREDEX CRANEX 3Dx and SCANORA, giving general dentists and specialists the tools to place and restore implants; perform oral surgery; perform periodontics, prosthodontics, and orthodontics; utilize CAD/CAM applications; and analyze the temporomandibular joint and airway with greater confidence and lower radiation options, according to KaVo Kerr Group Imaging.

Invivo5 for Mac includes all of the implant planning and orthodontic designing capabilities of Invivo 5.4 on the PC in addition to the latest software features. As a work in progress, it will continuously receive updates to implement all of the features available in the PC version, including the add-on modules.

For more information, call (704) 587-7271 or visit gendex.com/invivo.

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