Flexible Composite Instrument Fits into Narrow Interproximal Spaces

Richard Gawel


Hu-Friedy’s Akro-Flex is an innovative, incredibly flexible spatula for restorative dentistry, according to the company. The unique composite instrument features hyper-thin working ends made from NiTi, an alloy known for its super elasticity. The thin, ductile instrument is designed to fit easily into narrow interproximal spaces, rebounding back to its original shape after use. 

In addition to its slender profile and innovative NiTi working ends, Hu-Friedy says, the handle of the Akro-Flex composite instrument was designed with the clinician in mind. The sleek, smooth finish prevents buildup of excess composite material while the lightweight, ergonomic design allows for an enhanced grip with less hand fatigue, according to the company.

For more information, visit hu-friedy.com/compositeinstruments.

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