Exclusive SmileDirectClub Product Line Available at Walmart

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SmileDirectClub is partnering with Walmart to provide an exclusive suite of oral care products including an electric toothbrush, a teeth whitening system, toothpaste, a water flosser, and an ultrasonic UV cleaner for toothbrush heads, aligners, retainers, dentures, and other oral health products. 

The electric toothbrush cleans 50% better than a manual toothbrush, according to SmileDirectClub. Its two-minute timer includes quadrant timing to let users know when it’s time to move on to the next section of their mouth. Also, its roll-resistant design ensures it stays put, while its three-in-one case works as a counter stand, a mirror mount, and a travel-friendly cover. Available in graphite and “blurple,” it costs $24.98. Brush replacement heads are available for $4.98.

The bright on teeth whitening kit includes everything needed to achieve a bright smile for six full months, SmileDirectClub says. Its whitening pens include the same enamel-safe whitening agent used by dentists for less than half the cost, according to the company. These pens also are three times faster than strips when applied for 5 minutes twice a day. The kit additionally includes a 20-LED accelerator light designed to boost the gel’s power. This hands-free, portable light can be powered by any smartphone. One treatment, which comprises four pens, takes one week and lasts for six months. The kit costs $39.98. 

The upcoming whitening fluoride toothpaste is designed to provide long-lasting fresh breath while fighting cavities, tartar buildup. It doesn’t include any artificial flavors or preservatives, and it is cruelty-free. The upcoming sensitivity fluoride toothpaste is designed to help repair and protect teeth, safely strengthening and hardening enamel without the cost of other sensitive formulas, according to SmileDirectClub. Its cavity-fighting formula includes aloe and coconut oil but no artificial flavors or preservatives. It is cruelty-free as well.

Compact and easy to use, the water flosser removes 99% of the plaque between teeth and below the gumline where traditional brushing and flossing can’t reach, SmileDirectClub says. It is 50% more effective than string floss and suits all smiles, including those with braces or other hard-to-reach dental work, the company adds. 

The smile spa is the first cleaner on the market to combine ultrasonic and UV cleaning and kills 99% of odor-causing bacteria, SmileDirectClub says. It can be used on toothbrush heads, aligners, retainers, dentures, mouthguards, nightguards, and more. Its stainless steel reservoir can clean multiple items at once.

Plus, smiledirectclub.com will offer a club edition electric toothbrush that also includes a patented aligner-cleaning brush head in the base that can be swapped out with the regular brush head. Soft and non-abrasive, the round brush head is designed to clean and remove debris from aligners and retainers thanks to its unique shape. A brush head and battery refill subscription is offered as well.

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