Etching Gel Added to Icon Smooth Surface Product Lineup

Richard Gawel


DMG has expanded its Icon Smooth Surface product lineup with Icon-Etch Refill etching gel. Introduced 10 years ago, resin infiltration with DMG’s Icon is now an established microinvasive treatment option, the company reports.

Icon-Etch Refills will be available in the United States as an extension of the Icon Smooth Surface caries infiltrant, which is designed to treat smooth surface white spot lesions. Each package includes three 0.45-ml syringes of the Icon Etch etching gel and 15 smooth surface tips. 

The procedure originally was developed as a treatment for initial proximal caries using a highly fluid resin without drilling. The additional option of successfully treating cariogenic white spots on smooth surfaces has been recognized and confirmed by studies, DMG reports. 

“My partners and I have been using Icon for the past 10 years,” said Richard Chaet, DDS. “We’ve had a success rate of 95% in arresting incipient interproximal lesions on permanent teeth, and we’ve also made many smiles by removing cosmetic defects on facial surfaces of anterior permanent teeth.” 

DMG says that Icon presents an entirely new category, caries infiltration, to the world of dentistry. It effectively bridges the gap between prevention and restoration, the company says, eliminating the need for anesthesia, pain, and drilling. According to DMG, it also:

  • Provides aesthetic results on smooth surface white spots
  • Arrests incipient caries upon discovery
  • Preserves healthy tooth structure
  • Provides micro-invasive technology without anesthesia or drilling
  • Can be performed in one quick patient visit.

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