Email Solution Complies with Security Regulations

Richard Gawel


The Vyne Connect encrypted email solution from NEA Powered by Vyne is designed to safeguard the protected health information (PHI) of patients while facilitating two-way communication between dental practices and patients that’s convenient for all parties while complying with security regulations such as HIPAA. 

Vyne Connect uses trusted encryption standards, the company reports, including a minimum of two encryption protocols for every Vyne Connect message or attachment delivered: 128-bit http over SSL and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

With Vyne Connect, NEA Powered by Vyne said, dental practices can use their existing email accounts while taking advantage of flexible options not available through a standard email service. Vyne Connect’s intelligent messaging enables end users to: 

  • Define criteria used to verify recipient identity for message access, such as date of birth, account number, or other custom information 
  • Obtain a delivery log with real-time proof showing who, when, and where each protected message has been opened 
  • Set up instant notifications showing the date and time an email has been viewed by the recipient
  • Set expiration dates and times so that a message is available for a specified window of time
  • Recall a message sent to an incorrect email address 
  • Revoke access privileges at any time, even after the email has been viewed

According to NEA Powered by Vyne, Vyne Connect removes the fear factor for dental practices in deciding what can and can’t be sent via email. It will be offered exclusively to NEA FastAttach clients as a value-added service complementing the electronic claim attachment subscription service.

“Email is the quickest way to send information to patients, payers, and other providers, but depending on what’s being sent, non-secure email usage can create a compliance nightmare if you’re not using an encrypted email service. Why risk thousands of dollars when there’s a simple solution?” said Robert Patrick, president of dental at Vyne.

“Standard email programs are not secure and don’t encrypt information being sent. Therefore, they should never be used to communicate anything that contains PHI,” said Patrick.

Vyne Connect is designed to enable practices to take control of electronic communications using existing email accounts while providing flexible options for administering email that a standard email service cannot offer. Its use requires minimal staff training, the company adds, and clients can use their existing email address so there’s no disruption to existing workflows.

For message recipients, Vyne Connect also is designed to keep operation simple without requiring them to register for a special account. Recipients can easily and securely download and reply to emails sent with Vyne Connect at no added cost and without any additional solution of expense, NEA Powered by Vyne said.

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