Desensitizer’s Antimicrobial Action Increases Bond Strength

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Advantage Dental’s Hemaseal & Cide desensitizer has been rated the best overall desensitizer in a study of nine products because of its antimicrobial action (4% Chlorhexidine with HEMA), increase of bond strength, and nonirritating compatibility with soft tissue, the company reports. It can be used in deep carious lesions at a fraction of the price of the glutaraldehyde products, Advantage Dental says.

Also, Hemaseal & Cide is designed to eliminate post-operative sensitivity, precluding the need for remakes. It reduces microleakage as well, Advantage Dental says. In many cases, it may eliminate the need to perform root-canal therapies. When combined with a self-etch or total-etch adhesive, it provides no-excuse performance, the company adds.

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