Desensitizer Uses a Chelation Reaction to Fuse to Hydroxyapatite Molecule in Tooth Structure

Richard Gawel

KöR’s Complete Desensitizer is a unique, oxalate desensitizer that strongly fuses to hydroxyapatite molecules of highly mineralized enamel (96% mineral) and peritubular dentin (92% to 93% mineral) to provide immediate closure of open dentinal tubules.

Unlike oxalate desensitizing products that simply clog up the open orifices of dentinal tubules, the Complete Desensitizer reacts with, and fuses to, the hydroxyapatite molecule in tooth structure via a chelation reaction. This forms a durable compound of calcium oxalate mineral crystals fused to peritubular hydroxyapatite, 7 to 12 μm deep within dentinal tubules.

In addition to use with whitening procedures, the Complete Desensitizer has been shown to be an effective and durable desensitizer for virtually any clinical requirement, according to the company, including treatment of generalized and localized tooth sensitivity; post-periodontal surgery and hygiene procedures; and under direct, temporary/provisional, and final indirect restorations.

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