Clear Aligner Company Targets Plastic Waste

Richard Gawel


Clear Blue Smiles has opened, specializing in servicing orthodontists who offer clear aligner treatment. By using remote treatment performed after receiving complete diagnostics, the company promises to save more than 25 hours and an average of $2,000 in each case.

“Technology has advanced to the point where, with the proper diagnostics, we can provide excellent treatment to patients remotely, giving them the best smile at an affordable price,” said company cofounder William Crutchfield II, DDS.

All diagnostics are performed in a dental office by one of Clear Blue Smiles’ licensed dental partners. The total cost of treatment is $4,980, which the company says is 60% less than what other orthodontists charge for the same treatment. 

There is no need to see the orthodontist each month, the company says. Patients switch out their aligners every two weeks. Used aligners can be recycled. Orthodontists monitor treatment progress via the company’s digital monitoring system.

“With the Clear Blue Smiles model, parents don’t need to take time off work or take their kids out of school. They don’t have to rearrange their schedules or alter their lifestyle to receive quality orthodontic care,” Crutchfield said. 

The company also has partnered with the Ocean Blue Project, a nonprofit that cleans plastic from the nation’s waters, and with Dorsal Bracelets, which removes a pound of plastic from the environment with each bracelet sale. Together, they will host beach cleanup events.

“Plastic is fantastic for moving teeth, but terrible for the environment,” said Kevin Dillard, company cofounder and former general counsel of the American Association of Orthodontists.

“Not only is the Clear Blue Smiles packaging environmentally friendly, we’re pledging social and environmental responsibility by helping remove 100 times the amount of plastic from the environment, especially oceans, than what we sell,” said Dillard.

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