Class IV Laser Therapy System Targets Dental Applications

Richard Gawel


The Summus Medical Laser Horizon Dental Laser System is the first Class IV laser therapy system designed specifically for the dental industry, according to the company. With 12 W, the diode laser combines four different wavelengths that can be controlled independently. By combining power, wavelength, and pulsing, it delivers an optimal therapeutic laser dose in less time with condition-specific protocols, Summus Medical Laser said.

Also, the company provides real-time training and support including a tablet with an interactive app, a live motion real-time camera, and a rechargeable, luxating cart design. It also comes with a best-in-class warranty that covers the diodes for the lifetime of the product and a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, Summus Medical Laser said.

“Our laser software offers step by step guidance on treating hundreds of conditions. All of our protocols have been developed by laser experts. The Horizon Dental Laser Therapy System is the perfect solution to address your patients’ health concerns. It adds a powerful new dimension for dental providers that will greatly energize their practice and benefit their bottom line,” said Dr. Richard Albright, founder and CEO of Summus Medical Laser.

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