Bulk-Fill Products Designed for Aesthetics and Adaptation

Richard Gawel


DMG America designed its Ecosite Bulk Fill and Ecosite Bond bulk-fill products with practice efficiency in mind, engineering them to deliver superior aesthetics and adaptation with one quick, 20-second light cure. Unlike other bulk-fill composites that have dramatically different particle sizes, Ecosite’s submicron nanotechnology allows for low shrinkage stress and a high-gloss finish for exceptional, natural-looking aesthetics, according to the company.

Thanks to its unique chemical formulation, Ecosite provides protection by releasing fluoride after placement. Extremely versatile, Ecosite is indicated for dental fillings, Class V restorations, and core buildups, DMG America reports.

Ecosite Bulk Fill is available in 2 aesthetic, all-purpose shades, including universal and light. There is also a contrast version for use where contrast with the tooth is desirable. Ecosite Bond is a light-cured, one-bottle universal bonding agent with optimal bond strength. It offers customers freedom with their etching mode and is ideal for direct restorations of light-cured composite materials, the company says.

For more information, call DMG America at (800) 662-6383 or visit dmg-america.com.

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