Impression Materials Combine Speed and Reach

Dentistry Today


DMG America‘s Honigum vinyl polysiloxane impression material (VPS) is designed to go where the dentist wants it, stay where it’s placed, and thin under load. Its microcrystalline wax matrix also fits into tiny crevices and hard-to-reach subgingival areas that other impression materials may miss, according to the company, leading to restorations that fit perfectly without the need for retakes. It targets crown and bridge, inlay/onlay, and full-mouth restorations.


Unlike traditional VPS impression materials, DMG America reports, Honigum’s true thixotropoic formula doesn’t slump or run, so it remains stable where it’s placed. It’s also designed to exhibit remarkable strength to resist tearing upon removal to prevent the need for retakes. Its snap-set nature prevents distortion but is designed to be easily removable. And, its honey aroma and neutral taste ensure a patient-friendly procedure.


Meanwhile, the fast-setting, rigid, and heavily bodied Honigum Rigid X-tra Fast VPS impression material suits customized impression trays, including edentulous impression techniques. Its rigid set is designed for tissue stops and custom border molding, and its rapid snap-set is designed to drastically reduce impression errors and distortions due to micromovement during setting.


The Honigum Mono Quad Fast monophase VPS impression material also was designed with a quick snap-set to prevent distortion. Easily removed, according to DMG America, it works well with Rigid X-tra Fast as a wash material. It delivers a honey aroma with a neutral taste to improve the patient experience as well. It’s indicated for use with crown and bridge, edentulous, and inlay and onlay impressions.


And, the Honigum Pro offers both stability and flowability, the company reports. It’s designed to flow well around implant impression posts and transfer caps while remaining at the application site. Also, its extreme hydrophilicity renders moisture a non-issue, DMG America states. Its working time and rapid snap-set technology combine a shorter intraoral setting time with a generous working time, the company adds, for crown and bridge, soft-tissue, and inlay and onlay impressions.


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